The Business of Creativity


The Business of Creativity

How do you combine the vital business skills to allow your creativity to flourish?

The creative and cultural industries are talked about as an important and growing part of the global economy.
Creative sectors across the world are increasingly recognising its importance as a generator of jobs, wealth and cultural engagement. At the heart of the creative economy are the cultural and creative industries that lie at the crossroads of arts, culture, business and technology.

But in a increasingly competitive industry, how do you combine the vital skills to flourish?
This facilitated workshop will work on a key issues facing the business of creativity today and provide practical tools to enable you to understand the business know-how required to bring out the best in you and your smarts.

About the presenters:

Giovanna Lever is a business solutions, marketing specialist and professional mentor. She is the Founder of Sparrowly Group and Co-founder of E4. She believes in empowering individuals and teams, getting them on the road to success and leaving them with the tools to make things happen. She is a big believer in real diversity in business and life and as such has founded global connection group Sparrows United — connecting smart individuals across industries for mutual and community benefit.

Heather MacDonald is driven by providing the best possible opportunities for educators and learners. She has been involved in Education for over 25 years and established Education Partnerships 12 years ago, to build mutually beneficial relationships between business and education. Heather is Co-Founder of E4 with Giovanna Lever. E4 provides practical solutions for the transition of young people into the workforce. E4 works with secondary and tertiary students, and young executives through structured one-on-one mentoring relationships that partners enthusiasm with experience to develop empowering relationships built on trust. Heather has developed strategically positioned education solutions for the International Olympic Committee, the Commonwealth Bank, ME Bank, UNICEF, the Australian Rugby, and The Australian Olympic and Paralympic Committees.


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